16-01-2016 woodcutter fest in Tjech Adrspach

29-12-2015 19:30
Woodcutter 2016
Greetings friends smell of gasoline and wood, manly work and struggle.
        It is November and multiply requests for more, this time the 8th year, this "echt" hard competition (a "echt" depends on the weather). Who knew an established rhythm Paul Cohl, knows very well that after the celebration of the New Year arrives awakening in the form of sometimes tearful, sometimes frosty competition lumberjacks with traditional accompanying program.
         As always, it will be the third Saturday of the first month of the year, but we have a lot of other substantial changes. Not in disciplines where everything is the same, but in the actual spatial distribution of the racetrack, company presentations and business, or rather fresheners stands. The village has added space and the event thus straddles a larger surface.