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29-04-2019 20:11
Still have all my saws but thinking of selling some, there are more nice machine like Dragline i'm now interested in and take most of my time and money   greatings Saul

Hobby on a hold du lack of time

03-06-2018 08:32
I put a hold on the hobby, running a busnes takes to much from me, and now helping a museum with old machinery is much more fun to ;)))   No shows this year.... sorry...

Stoped with the hobby

08-05-2018 19:47
@ this moment i stoped mine hobby du lack of time 

Found a jonsereds 801 and more

13-08-2017 20:20
finaly found a 801 type,  now ist waiting to come in   setting stuff ready for coming show in august

Houthakkers feest lage vuursche 19 & 20 Augustus

13-08-2017 20:07
Houthakkers feest lage vuursche 19 & 20 Augustus   I will be there with a part of mine collection include Solo super Rex and Solo twin

Solo flywheel puller,640, hobby-645,620,650,655,660 VA and twin

25-02-2017 11:43

got my self a Jonsereds XF virgin ---------------------------------- full runner after ignition and

10-11-2016 12:02

mcculloch super pro 125

02-10-2016 16:23
working on this nice saw, it has piston damage sadley

Wood cuttes fest in lage vuursche Netherlands

05-06-2016 12:43
Link :   youtube link:  

worked on a Stihl contra S

05-06-2016 12:33
repaired traed, ignition and carb.
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